From the Heart

     At Fit Prep we are more than just a business we are family. Fit prep is about better prices, better taste and the best customer service.

    "Each meal is prepared with the attention and love you would expect to find at your own families dinner table with one exception, the cook is an executive chef!"

Our chef oversees every single order, testing for taste appearance and freshness. Our produce is hand sorted and our meats hand trimmed, with only the most tender and succulent pieces making it into your perfectly portioned meal.
Fit Prep is a wholesome company, where prices are low and quality is high. Where mothers can take a break but still keep their children fed.

"Where the elderly can shop without leaving home."

"Where the athlete can focus  all their attention on the game, knowing every meal is the fuel they need to be the best."

Fit Prep is the sanctuary for those who have medical illnesses, we make it easy to fight diabetes and overcome obesity.
    Fit Prep keeps bikinis in style and gives men the confidence to go shirtless on a hot day.Fit Prep was made for the people by people just like you.
Let Fit Prep empower you to reach your fullest potential, every bite is an invitation to live life without limitation.